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Corpse Party: Sisters Call, A fanmade Corpse Party currently being made.

So what is Corpse Party: Sisters Call?

As mentioned, a fanmade corpse party game made by oniichanineedtopee. It is actualy not the final name of the game at the moment.  It follows the story of an 11th grader at Byakudan High, Chi. Chi is friends with the Byakudans we all know and love, Mitsuki, Fukuroi….etc. She was ill the day they preformed the Sachiko Ever After charm, and is confused why her friends have disapeared.

After doing some reaserch, she takes her twin sister with her, and preforms the charm in order to save her friends from their demise.

I actually need help making this, as I am using RPGMaker VX Ace lite and its got some limitations since its not the full Vx ace.

Here is what I need if people are willing to help

Voice actors.

I may not include voice acting but I am considering for some scenes to be voiced, if I do, I will be hosting an audition.

People who know how to use rpgmaker vx ace!

Mainly people who know how to do spooky effects and mapping and stuff like that….. Oh and people who can sprite!!!


As you can see, the title screen is drawn by me! I’m not very talented but i need some people who are willing to draw portraits and cgs!


I want to make an opening for the game, and I’m…horrible at animating so if anyone with some animating experience is willing to animate an opening it help!

Sound effects and Music

I’m ok with the music and sound effects side, as I will be using mainly music found in Book of Shadows. I do want to make a character theme for Chi though but I have no clue how to make music ahaha..

And finally storyline helpers and editors

As I need to make this game, most of it is just a small chunk so maybe people can give me ideas for it, as I do want to alter some of the events that originally appeared in Corpse Party such as some character deaths. And I need someone to help edit the game, and proof read it and such.

So yeah

I think that’s all. Please do note, I’m still unsure if I want to make this an official project right now. If you would like to help contact me on oniichanineedtopee as this is a sideblog.

If you don’t want to help with the project maybe reblog and spread the word!

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